Welcome to the CareTend BI Developer Community

Do you want to develop business intelligence for CareTend BI?

The Developer Community is everything you need!

CareTend BI gives you the intelligence you need for your business. When you need to extend this to something specific for your business, the Developer tools and community of CareTend BI give you the tools we use to build your own intelligence.


Building and modifying dashboards in CareTend BI is simple and powerful! The integrated dashboard design center provides access to a feature rich dashboard designer that is the same tool Rock-Pond uses everyday!

Data Grids

Working with data and moving it around has never been easier with CareTend BI's data grids! Turn your SQL into highly customizable data extracts, and move the data in any format anymore you require to secure destinations.


SAP Crystal Reports has been a reliable and standard reporting solution for many years. CareTend BI is tightly integrated with Crystal Reports and enables you to deploy your existing report files directly into CareTend BI.